Modern Pharmacy Building and Interior Designed by KLab Architecture

A virtual building, cover area in approximate 600m2, has shifted our perspective on conventional shape of pharmacy. A placebo pharmacy, located in Athens, Greece, turns to be excruciating building for the reformation of the octagonal shape into a cylinder in order to accomplish a spiral which is consistent with the density of Vouliagmenis Avenue, the urban artery on which the building stands. The panels of the façade are punctured using Braille which informs the system used on pharmaceutical packaging and allows the light to penetrate the interior. In inside of the building, the circular frontage becomes an exhibition of the product which a ramp up to the upper lever symbolizes the active movement of the exterior into the interior space. This pharmacy is designed into two floors. The first floor is the shop space consisting of ancillary office space used as a temporary surgery for visiting health professionals. The pharmacy is in a radial pattern with the main cashiers desk acting as the central point and giving the cashier the ability to look around the whole area from the desk. The drug dispensary, preparation areas and toilets are also situated off this radial pattern. Therefore, this pattern gives a flow to the space and allows light deep into the center of the plan throughout the day. Design & Photos by KLab Architecture


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